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The whole work plan contains ten Work Packages, six of them consist of development Work Packages while Management, Coordination, Evaluation and Dissemination activities occur throughout the duration of the project to ensure coherence and consequentiality.

The first step of the project implementation will be to conduct a state-of-the-art research in each partner country for a period of 3 months. The outputs will be 1 report covering EU research and 6 national reports.

The next step will be to create the detailed course curriculum and then to design the e-course and produce an e-course scenario. This work package includes the production of the course interactive objects. All partners will take an active part in this phase which will ensure that objects are specific and relevant to target audiences and take into account the cultural differences in each country.

The actual programming work will be performed through a software tool, which will be used for the technical work to improve time- and cost-effectiveness. A phase in project development is the localization of the course, for which a period of 3 months is allocated. Two more months are allocated to programming and course development following localization for combining the materials into one coherent product.

A test training will be performed by representatives of the target groups. Their feedback will be used to improve the product further.

Dissemination of the project results will be performed for the entire duration of the project while Exploitation of results will commence once results become available.